Time is precious to champion freediver Marianna Gillespie and Swiss watchmaker Edox. When Marianna drives her body to extremes deep under the waves or in the pool she knows that every second counts. “Underwater there are no limits,” says Marianna, a multiple world freediving champion. “It’s all up to you, how far you can really go in one breath. But you need an absolutely reliable watch to explore the ocean depths and push your boundaries.”
Now Marianna, in partnership with Edox, pushes the boundaries once more with the launch of the new Edox Delfin Diver Date Lady Special Edition timepiece. It’s a unique ladies’ watch that wraps rugged engineering and eye-catching look in a beautiful package. And the striking design pays tribute to the rich Edox and Delfin heritage.

First introduced in 1961, the innovative Edox Delfin with its patented double O-ring system and reinforced case, set the benchmark for water-resistant watches.

The patented double seal meant that even with the crown open the Delfin was water-resistant. The watch was a smash hit, and Edox forged a name as the ‘Water Champion’ of the Swiss watch industry.

The new Edox Delfin, like the original, is water-resistant to an amazing 200m. But this model displays an altogether more feminine touch, the Caribbean-blue dial ablaze with 12 shimmering diamonds and protected by a scratch-resistant, anti-reflective sapphire crystal. At 38mm, the new Edox Delfin is not too bulky, and the flexible lugs allow it to fit smoothly on either small or larger wrists. The striking, 12-sided shaped bezel harks back to a distinctive design first introduced by Edox in 1973. In low light, or under the water, the time can be clearly read thanks to the Super-LumiNova-coated hands.

Sporty and elegant, the hand assembled Edox Delfin Diver Date Lady Special Edition is a timepiece created by champions for champions from all walks of life.

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