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Les Vauberts - Style and Elegance - Edox Watches

Les Vauberts - Style and Elegance

Les Vauberts is a small area near Les Genevez, famous for having hosted the first watchmakers more than 400 years ago. Working in the fields in summer, these farmers became watchmakers during the winter months and were the pioneers of today’s watchmaking industry. The design of Les Vauberts is elegant, classic, and features reliable mechanical or powerful quartz Swiss-made movements. Representing a true story.

The end of the 16th century marked the start of watch making in the Jura mountains. The “Les Vauberts” collection pays tribute to this era by featuring a historic farmhouse on the case back which reflects the style of buildings where our predecessors made clocks during the harsh winter month

Les Vauberts - Style and Elegance

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